Y7Smart Series High-end Servo

Product Series: Y7Smart High-end Servo

Drive type: A-Pulse command type, B-EtherCAT bus type,K-MⅢ bus type, P-PROFINET bus type

Power coverage:

220V model: 100W-750W, Power supply AC Single/Three-phase 220V
220V model: 1KW-2KW, Power supply AC Three-phase 220V
380V model: 1KW-22KW, Power supply AC Three-phase 380V

Protocol support: EtherCAT, MECHATROLINK, PROFINET etc.

Product Features

  • Smart

    Rich voltage levels and power specifications, including 14 drive power specifications and 76 motor specifications

    Same model for 400W or below -- Easier model selection and shorten delivery time

  • Strong

    Speed loop 3.5kHZ, higher response

    Maximizing the performance of the system and equipment with higher accuracy

    The accuracy of the encoder is increased to 20bit with X2 series servo motor

    The accuracy of the encoder is increased to a higher 25bit with X6 series servo motor

    Low power motor speed up to 6500 rpm, 3.5 times overload

    One button auto-tuning, resonance suppression, model tracking, and friction compensation features make the comissioning easy and save the time

  • Super

    Super motion bus controlled by "Chip"

    Multiple bus communication supported by HCFA self-developed chips

    Smart end devices can be connected through IoT function, supporting remote comissioning

    EtherCAT bus minimum synchronization period of 125us for faster command response and higher trajectory accuracy

  • Safety

    Optimized independent heat dissipation air duct design to perfectly cope with complex application environment

    STO, Dynamic brake(DB), Temperature detection(TD), Brake detection(BD) and breakage detection functions keeps safe and sound

    No external relay required with holding brake interface to save wiring and cost

Prodcut Specifications

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  • Model Table
  • Configurations
  • General Specifations
  • Technical Specifications
  • Environmental Specifations

Product Size

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Download Type Name Updated Operation
Catalog Y7s Servo Drive Catalog 2023.6-V1.0 2023.06.08 Download
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Instruction YHardware Instruction for Y7S-seriesAdvanced Servo Drive (EtherCAT)v1.1 2023.08.22 Download
Download Type Name Updated Operation
Manual Y7Smart Servo System Pulse-type User Manual V1.0 (EN) 2023.05.15 Download
Download Type Name Updated Operation
Download Type Name Updated Operation
Download Type Name Updated Operation