Program Overview

Automatic liquid filling machine is widely used for filling various liquids, viscous bodies, creams and pastes. Suitable for cosmetic, food, chemical, daily necessities, medicine and other industries

Our solution

Program Features

  • Advantages

    Ethercat bus control, communication speed 100M/S, strong anti-interference ability, one net to link the machine network
    Unique filling machine industry-specific toolkit, flexible to achieve a variety of filling modes
    Achieve spacing-free bottle feeding, eliminating the need for bottle dividers
    Highly efficient filling, with efficiency increased by more than 20% compared to traditional pulse solutions
    With online modification of filling capacity function, effective in time
  • Production index

    Filling speed: 60-200 bottles/min
    Filling accuracy: :±0.5mm
    Filling range: 30-1000ml