Program overview

Diamond wire, also known as diamond cutting wire, mainly used in the field of cutting hard and brittle materials such as silicon wafers, sapphire, magnetic materials, crystal materials, etc.

Our solution

Program Features

  • Production line diameter

    Production line diameter:ф0.03-ф0.5mm,Pendulum tension:0-10N
  • Production rate

    Production rate:<=1200m/min
  • Take-up and payoff reel diameter

    Real-time calculation, through the algorithm plus PID control, to achieve the pendulum jitter ± 1 degree
  • High stability

    Adopt gear lining, which can automatically correct the deviation and keep the lining stable, including trapezoidal lining and R angle compensation function
  • Real-time date export

    HMI can record production information in real time and export via U disk