Program overview

Multi-wire cutting is a new cutting process that cuts hard and brittle materials such as semiconductors into hundreds of thin slices at the same time by bringing abrasives into the semiconductor processing area for grinding through the high-speed reciprocating motion of metal wires

Our solution

Program Features

  • Long service life

    The machine uses four spindles, eliminating the need for a conveyor belt, making it easy to install and providing a longer service life
  • Close-loop control

    The four axes are closed-loop controlled through torque feedback to achieve torque balance among the four axes
  • Take-up and payoff reel diameter

    Real-time calculation, through the algorithm plus PID control, to achieve the pendulum jitter ± 1 degree
  • High stability

    Adopt gear lining, which can automatically correct the deviation and keep the lining stable, including trapezoidal lining and R angle compensation function
  • One click modification

    HMI one key to modify the servo parameters, convenient and quick