Star employees

【Special report on star employees】 Like him, go all out to achieve "better self"!

We are always looking forward to turning around in the workplace, achieving our life goals, moving forward bravely, overcoming difficulties step by step, harvesting personal growth, and finally achieving a better self! And he proved to us, "in HCFA, I can"!


【Special report on star employees】 He did one thing in ten years

If you persist in doing one thing for one year, it will be effective; if you persist in doing it for three years, you will be excellent; if you can persist for ten years, it will be very difficult to be outstanding! As the leader of the wolf team in the southern theater, he was invincible and led the team to create outstanding achievements.


【Special report on star employees】 From technical Xiaobai to test manager, his 5-year growth path

After busy work, Hu Gong's hobby is playing badminton. Now he pays more attention to fitness and has a healthy body to enjoy life better. When it comes to parents, Hu Gong's lines make people feel his deep love for his parents


【Special report on star employees】Ouyang hero | details determine success or failure

"The world's major events must be done in detail". We pay close attention to every detail in our work. We are good at learning and ask if we don't understand it. At present, we are lucky enough to experience the company's historic moment (sales volume of more than 50K units per month, order volume of 6K units per day, output of 40K units per month, and output of 2K units per day). In April, we will work together to achieve a higher goal and refuel HCFA!


【Special report on star employees】 It's more difficult for Hong Huan than for Su

Transferred to Shenzhen LED industry key account manager, responsible for LED industry key customer development. Through deep ploughing in the LED industry and taking the lead in the industry with scheme sales as the guide, Hechuan's products spread throughout the LED industry, breaking the monopoly position of Japanese brands, and establishing the road of Hechuan brand's rise.