Product seriesA series general controller
Module type:CPU Unit
Operation speed:LD 20ns
Control points256点2560 points
Program capacity :8k steps
Support high-speed pulse output2 axis 100kHz high-speed pulse output
Hardware interface:RS422/RS485
Transistor output:HCA2P-14X10YT-A、HCA2P-14X10YT-D、HCA2P-24X16YT-A、HCA2P-24X16YT-D、HCA2P-36X24YT-A、HCA2P-36X24YT-D
Relay output:HCA2P-14X10YR-A、HCA2P-14X10YR-D、HCA2P-24X16YR-A、HCA2P-24X16YR-D、HCA2P-36X24YR-A、HCA2P-36X24YR-D

Product Features

  • Basic performance

    8k-step program capacity, memory box with program transfer function can be installed (max. 8k steps)

    Basic instruction operation speed: 0.5~0.7μs/instructions, application instruction operation speed: 3.7μ~100μs/instructions

    Supports high-speed pulse input and output

  • Communication compatibility

    Support standard Modbus RTU protocol

    Support RS485/RS422 interface

    Support Modbus master-slave mode

  • High Ease of Use

    Support BD board to expand a small number of input and output points or analog input and output

  • Motion control

    Support 2 axis motion

    256 Control points

Prodcut Specifications

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  • Basic specifications
  • Performance specifications
  • Input specifications
  • output specifications
  • Other specifications

Product size

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Download Type Name Updated Operation
Catalog Control Products Catalog 2021.11-V6.0(EN) 2022.07.27 Download
Catalog Control Products Catalog 2021.11-V6.0 (RU) 2023.08.08 Download
Download Type Name Updated Operation
Download Type Name Updated Operation
Instruction HCA1P A2P Series PLC HW INS V1.1(EN) 2022.05.18 Download
Download Type Name Updated Operation
Download Type Name Updated Operation
Software HCP_Works(En)V2.26.01.92012 2022.07.27 Download
Download Type Name Updated Operation