Program Overview

Pelleter is an essential process in the production of lithium-ion batteries and a key process that directly affects the safety, capacity, consistency and other properties of the batteries.
The sheet-making process is used to slit the poles and then "wrap the lugs, weld the lugs, apply insulation tape to the white areas of the lugs, and finally rewind or cut the poles.

Our solution

Program Features

  • Increased production capacity

    EtherCat network architecture to increase the capacity of the entire cell equipment process, production speed can reach more than 80PCS/min
  • Stability

    Optimize the software to improve the stability of winding and unwinding and solve the problems of leakage of paste and solder
  • Rich functions

    The equipment can basically cover all types of products currently on the market, such as bipolar ears,, differential tabs and other battery requirements
  • Precise tension

    The unwinding and rewinding tension is based on 16-bit analog, and the tension accuracy is around 0.08-0.15Mpa